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4pcs S/M/L Anti Slip Waterproof Shoes For Dogs Cats Candy Colors Rubber Boots Fashion Dog Accessories Pet Shoes Rain boots

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Product material: silicone Product features: non-slip, waterproof Package contains: 4pcs shoes [Measurement method of dog shoe size] 1. Spread a piece of white paper on the ground and let the dog stand on the white paper with four feet. 2. Use a pen to draw a circle around one of the dog's feet. When drawing a circle along the periphery of the dog’s foot, please note that when drawing the toe bag behind the dog’s foot, press its foot down, let the bag fall on the ground and draw the outer edge, and then use a ruler after drawing. Measure how long the dog’s footprint is and how wide it is. All four feet must be measured. 3. When determining the size of the dog's feet, choose the long length and wide width. 4. The length and width of the selected dog shoes should not be less than the length and width of the dog's feet, and must be 0.1cm to 0.6cm larger than the length and width of the dog's feet.