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AKKO 9009 Retro 178-Key ASA Profile/177-Key Cherry Profile Keycaps Set PBT Double-shot Full Keycaps Set with Custom Box

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$41.99 USD
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$59.99 USD
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$41.99 USD
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The Akko 9009 Retro Keycap Set(177-key) - Cherry Profile Version

Sculpted in the classic Cherry profile, this keycap set is designed to fit different layouts of mechanical keyboard with color schemes inspired by the Industrial-chic elements that highlight the classic feel of the retro. It evokes an old fashion of the past.

Made through PBT double-shot process, these keys are resistant to friction, fading, and shining with crisp legends.

The keycap set comes out with a standard ANSI layout and large keycaps (especially spacebar) may not fit with some keyboard base with non-standard layouts. We recommend Cherry-style stabilizers for plug-and-play installation. Mod may be required for other types of stabilizers for large keys.


Number of Keys: 177-Key

Material: PBT Double-shot

Keycap Profile: Cherry

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