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Bluetooth RGB Lights Up Party Mask Diy Picture Editing Animation Text Love Prank Concert Mask Led Display Carnival Decor

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$38.30 USD
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$54.71 USD
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$38.30 USD
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Programmable LED mask with app Bluetooth
After connecting to the LED mask using Bluetooth, it can be programmed through the "Shine" application, which can be set to monochrome, flash, fade, smooth and multi-color.
The app allows you to upload images, change dynamic and static text, and set various display styles. Show your personality.

LED cool masks add vibes or charm
Led full face mask is the most amazing costume and role play costume mask for family, birthday, friends, classmates, lovers or others. It is by far the perfect, amazing, and the coolest gift, the unique Led mask makes you look more shiny in everyone and attracts everyones attention This is usually a memorable surprise gift for the person who receives it.

Product name: full color mask
Charging time: 5 hours
Use time: 11 hours
Support language: 10 kinds
Pixel point: 46*58 (irregular)
Number of light beads: 2074
Color box size: 230*190*85mn
Outer package size: 525*470*40Omn
Product size: 220*180*50mn
Type-c charging: 5V/2A
Battery model: 103450 polymer
Battery capacity: 200OMAh
Light beads: 2121RGB light beads
Packaging: English
Material: ABS plastic + PVC lens + silicone
Product gross weight: 631g
Product pattern: 45 dynamic figure, 70 still figure

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