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Christmas Gift Royal Kludge RK61 Tri-Mode Bluetooth 2.4G Wireless Mechanical Keyportable Portable for Travel Xmas RGB Backlit

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$44.09 USD
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$62.99 USD
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$44.09 USD
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Item Specifications:

Brand: Royal Kludge
Model: RK61 Christmas limited
Keys Layout: 61 keys (60%)
Connection: USB Type-C / 2.4Ghz Wireless / Bluetooth 3.0
Backlight: RGB
Key Switch: RK Blue/Brown/Red Hot swappable Mechanical Switch
Keycap Type: ABS Double Shot Keycaps


1,Christmas style, perfect as gift.

2, RGB backlit displaying, and with 17 backlit modes for option.

3,upports bluetooth, USB wired dual-mode connection and 2.4G wireless.
bluetooth connection supports connecting 3 bluetooth devices at the same time, press FN+Q, FN+W, FN+E to switch to.
USB Cable is a detachable cable design, more convenient for your use.

4,Widely compatible, compatible with Windows, iOS, Android; not only use with desktop computer, but also can be conneted with laptop, tablet or mobile phones.