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Colorful iGame Graphics Card RTX3080/RTX3070 Ti/RTX3060 Ti/GTX 1060 Video Graphics Cards LHR Desktop PC Gaming GPU Brand New

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$807.30 USD
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$1,153.28 USD
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$807.30 USD
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Colorful iGame Graphics Card RTX3080/RTX3070 Ti/RTX3060 Ti/GTX 1060 Video Graphics Cards LHR Desktop PC Gaming GPU Brand New

Note: The above products are basically LHR, and Mining is blocked. If you need a graphics card that does not lock,please contact our customer service directly! ! !

The graphics card with "LHR" in the product picture is the hashrate lock. There is no LHR in the picture or the display of "No Lock" means that the graphics card is unlocked.


1.Colorful iGame Graphics Card RTX3060 Ultra W OC 12G L-V 192Bit 1777-1822Mhz GDDR6 PCIE 4.0 Gaming PC Video Card
Multimode RGB: Multi modes of RGB are capable of displaying various light effects, can easily be customized and set up the color scheme.
2.Reflow Soldering Module: 2*6mm+2*8mm heat pipes configuration features Reflow Soldering Module in heat dissipation solution, to enable each heat pipe to connect with cooling fins and optimize the cooling performance.
One-Key Overclock: Easy and fast, simply press one button to achieve the overclocking performance.
Auto Stop Technology: Intelligent start-stop fans. With lower noise and longer life.
Silver Plating Technology: Conduct silver plating technology to ensure faster instruction transfer reaction of every component on the PCB board.

Graphics card slot: PCI Express 4.0 16X

Use: Computer

Item Name: Graphics Card

Brand: Colorful
Color: White
Size: 310*131.5*56mm
Chip Series: RTX3060
GPU Code Name: GA106
Manufacturing Process: 8nm
CUDA Cores: 3584
Core Clock: Base: 1320Mhz; Boost: 1777Mhz
One-Key OC: Base: 1320Mhz; Boost: 1822Mhz
Memory Speed Grade: 15Gbps
Memory Size: 12GB
Memory Bus Width: 192bit
Memory Type: GDDR6
Memory Bandwidth: 360GB/s
Power Connector: 2*8Pin
Power Supply: 7+2
TDP: 200W
Display Ports: 3DP+HDMI-compatible
Fans Type: Triple FAN
Heat Pipe Number/Spec: 2*Φ6+2*Φ8
Auto Stop Technology: Support
Power Suggest: 550W and above
For DirectX: For DirectX 12 Ultimate / OpenGL4.6
NV technology Support: For NVIDIA DLSS, for NVIDIA G-SYNC, 2nd Gen Ray Tracing Cores
Slot Number: Over 2 slot

-There might be slight error of size for manual measurement.
-The colors deviation might differ due to different monitor settings, please kindly understand.

Packing list:

1 x Graphics Card
1 x Manual