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Crystal Luminous LED light Fidget Spinner Hand Top Spinners Glow in Dark EDC Stress Relief Toys Kinetic Gyroscope foNor Children

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$1.12 USD
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$1.60 USD
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$1.12 USD
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Crystal LED Light Finger Gyro Toy Anxiety Relief Toys For Children And Adults


  • New Style with LED Lights: multi-colored LED lights with switch. If the light is not fully lit, please contact us directly. We will try our best to satisfy you.
  • It spins very smoothly and pretty quiet. Made High Speed 2 Minutes. (This depends on the power you use to spin.)
  • Ultra Durable Strong Plastic frame construction with rounded edges, Not Easy to Break When Falling Off!
  • Perfect For Office, School, Travel or Home etc. Addictive Fun! Keeps your hands and mind busy and not on your cell phone! It's also a great conversation piece. Everybody should try it!
  • A MUST-HAVE FIDGET Gyro TOY! Great For ADD,Quit Smoking, Staying Awake On Long Car Drives, Helpful for Focus and Deep Thought!


  • 1*Fidget toy