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Dashboard Car Phone Holder for Car 360 Long Arm Universal Handfree Auto Windshield Air Vent Car Phone Mount Mobile Phone Support

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$7.92 USD
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$11.32 USD
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$7.92 USD
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Dashboard Car Phone Holder for Car 360 Long Arm Universal Handfree Auto Windshield Air Vent Car Phone Mount Mobile Phone Support


Product model: JR-ZS259
Product Name: Vehicle Mechanical Bracket
Installation location: curved pole/air outlet/dashboard
Product size: 114.5*66.8*51.8mm
Product net weight: instrument panel (176.5g) air outlet (98g)
Product material: ABS+PC
Applicable size: 4.7-6.7 inches
Packing size: Air outlet 87*73*121mm / Instrument panel 73*65*117mm


1.【Why Updated】-- Blast the past. Deeper suction cup base, wider viewing angle; Longer gooseneck arm, closer phone screen; Stronger the suction vacuum & stickiness, safer your driving; We pursue powerful, wonderful, thoughtful car phone holder

【Innovative 3 Exclusive Technologies】-- 1) Extreme -40~212℉ temperature resistance: High purity TPU & KING plastic ''PTFE'' with Nanotechnology; 2) NO.1 suction & stickiness: Exclusive epoxy resin adhesive synthetic technology, loads up to 44LBS, no marks left; 3) Big phones & thick phone cases friendly: High & arc clamps embrace mobile phones 3.5''-7.3'' with thick cases securely, like battery/wallet case

【Love You in Every Detail】-- Patent fingerprint clamps —> Ergonomic and force concentrated clamp arms make your expensive mobile phone feel safe; Bumper design —> Soft silicone capsule pad inside the clamps absorb the impact, give your phone the motherly caring; 8-gear stretchable feet —> Adjustability leaves plenty of room for the rear camera and side keys for any size phones, absolute freedom

【NO.1 Armor-level Anti-shake】-- "U" anti-shake stabilizer fixes the phone stably while reducing the load-bearing of the suction cup in the principle of physics support rod; Comprehensively optimized and upgraded, 5X stable and flexible than other car phone mounts

【Patents & Safety Certs】-- Its patent registered in 30+ countries: Comply with the limits as set by US California Proposition 65 (Report No: LCS190415061AR), EUIPO Patent No. 007708805-0001; REACH, ROHS; VANAMASS car phone holder is the ideal gift for lovers

Note: After sticking the sucker to your dashboard, you should wait for ten hours at least and then use it, otherwise the sucker can't be stuck firmly.

Compatible Phone Models:

ALL PHONE (For iPhone, Samsung, Google, LG, etc.), except Samsung Galaxy Fold/Z Flip series.

Product Packaging


Safe driving remain with you throughout the new year

1.Ergonomic design-quick release. -----It only takes a few seconds to easily install or remove the phone. Just click the button on the left and your phone will be released from the holder.

2.Shock-absorbing airbag silicone-----Protect the phone from collision even without a phone case. There's airbag silicone padded on the surface, which is far better than other hard silicone.

3.Adjustable feet-----Creatively adjustable feet (0.78 inches) solve all problems you may have when using the fixed foot, which is better for your big phones and thick cases.

Easy To Install And Remove

Installation menthod:
Step 1. Clean
Step 2. Tear off
Step 3. Lock
Step 4.Remove

Available Everywhere

Dashboard & Windscreen & Air vent

Anti-Shake Stabilizer

Guard Your Safe Driving

Super Wide Sight

No Obstruction - -> The Safest Car Mount

Accompany You Home Safely

Friendly with 99% Ventilation

Upgraded In Each Detail

Mount It The Way You Favor

Easy To Clamp, Press To Clamp

Press side button to release the arm, put phone on;
Press release bars to lock sode arms.

Installation Method


Your Best Mate Anywhere

360° rotation angle free to switch the portrait and landscape screen.

One-Handed Operation Safe And Simple

360° Angle Adjustment

Press Type Suction Cup Firm And Secure

Press the pressure valve to discharge the internal air Forming a closed vacuum state, firmer adsorption.

Tips For Using This Car Phone Mount