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DAWNKNIGHT K4S K4C H7 H4 HB3 9005 H1 H11 4300K Led Car Lamps H8 HB4 9006 Led Headlight Fog Light Kit Led Lights For Auto 12V 80W

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DAWNKNIGHT K4S H7 HB3 9005 H1 H11 4300K Auto Led Light Bulb H8 HB4 9006 Fog Light Lamp 12V Turbo Led Car Lighting Headlight Kit

K4S has been discontinued, the new product K4C will replace it.
K4C's STG will be more standard. This difference is huge on H4.
In addition, K4C's CANBUS is more effective and can avoid radio interference.
They have the same brightness and use the same light source.

LED Chip: 3570
Operating Voltage : DC 9-16V
Operating Temperature: -40degC ~ +80degC
Color Temperature : 4300K
Design: All In One Design With Cooling Fan
SystemLifespan: >50000hrs
Heat Dissipation Theory : Aviation aluminum 6063
The actual power is 90% of the theoretical power
Car Suitable Models: 90% of models on the market


1,The color of 1,4300K is warm white, but it is different from the halogen lamp. It will look whiter than the halogen lamp. The color in the picture will be different from the real color,a difference of ±500K in color temperature is normal。

2,K4C bulbs have a "CANBUS" function, 95% of the vehicles will not flicker or error after use, and there is no radio interference. However, there will still be a small number of vehicles with errors or flickering after using the LED . If this kind of problem occurs, you can apply for a local return service, and we will pay the return fee(Within 15 days after receiving the goods), but please contact us before returning the product. If there is no return service in some countries, you can buy additional decoders to eliminate errors or flicker.

3.Installing LED bulbs is a modification, and not all cars are suitable. Some models need to disassemble the front bumper to install the LED, and some installation costs may be required. We will not be responsible for any installation costs. Please try to light up the LED and test before installation to ensure that there is no abnormality before removing the front bumper to avoid unnecessary costs.

Products include:
A pair of LED bulbs


Do not know the Interface model of your car headlight ?

1, View the instructions of your car headlight.

2, ask the Car manufacturers which you bought your car from for help.

About the canbus decoder:

After installing the LED bulb, one of the following conditions appears for the headlights.

Please don't worry, there is no problem with the light bulb, just your car needs to install an additional decoder:

1. One bulb flickers or one bulb does not light.

2. The dashboard shows the headlight failure.

3. After replacing the H4 headlight bulb, turn on the high beam light, but light the low beam light.

Please contact our customer service and we will help

About the adapter

The lamp holders of some cars are not standard designs, and additional lamp holders are needed to complete the installation of the LED bulbs. If you are not sure whether you need an adapter, please contact our customer service and attach a photo of the lamp holder structure. We will provide assist (H7/H1)

About Shipping:

Generally , we will ship your order in 1-5 working days.

If ship from China , it's about 10-60 days (Most countries only take less than 28 days).

If ship from The Russian Federation , most of areas is about 2-15 days.

Some areas is about 15-45 days(Only available on The Russian Federation).

Sometimes due to holidays or force majeure factors, Big promotion (11.11). such as customs strikes ,bad weather, lead to logistics delays.

If the delivery date is coming , but you haven't received the item , please cantact us to extend the delivery date.

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