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Everycom Projector Wall Ceiling Mount 360 Angle Mini Projector Bracket Holder Loading 2KG for LED Projector Adjustable hanger

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$6.33 USD
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$9.04 USD
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$6.33 USD
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PACKAGE only contains a projector hanger, not contain a projector. It may have some uneven painted part on the product, but this doesn't affect the use, so please don't worry.

This projector hanger is suitable for the projector which is below 2kg (like Everycom M7, M8, T6 mini.ect small portable projector)

Standard: a wall fixed head (flat round, four screws can be fixed on the ceiling or side walls)
Suspension: can be ceiling or side walls Wall
Miniature projector hanger projector wall mount
360 Degree Adjustable

Product Display

A little sticker,helps you easily to locate the position

Package list

About Items:

1. LED projectors, During transportation, Usually one or two dust from the exhaust port into projector, This is a phenomenon often happens, it's not the quality problem of the machine itself. some dust may stick to the lens, a little dust will not affect the projection. if have black spot in image, use Non-dust cloth wipe the lens may help. Ethyl alcohol is prohibited to use in this occasion. The customer can check our FAQ link to clear it.

2. All LED projectors, Usually higher brightness means higher noise, Buyer can try to change a Low-power fan, but it will reduce the brightness and heat dissipation, We don't accept this kind of dispute.

3. About the focusing problem of projector. It is affected by many factors. Distance is the main reason, please adjust the best projection distance, so that you have a best viewing experience. Projector performance reason(LED, DLP, Laser...), Cheaper the price, the more likely fuzzy corners, so pls choose expensive projectors if you want a perfect performance.

4. Pls do not update the firmware by yourself. If you want to update, pls contact us firstly.

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