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Halloween LED Mask Purge Masks Glow LED Light Up Funny Mask Election Mascara Costume Festival Cosplay DJ Party Light Up Masks

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$5.00 USD
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$7.14 USD
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$5.00 USD
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Type:Party Masks
Flash mode:On - Light - Slow - Flash - Off
Drive Voltage:3V
Color:As the picture
Country of Maufacture:China

1.Unique fashion mask in many colors.
2.Masks are used occasionally, such as parties, discos, clubs, Halloween, birthdays, festivals, and events.
3.Fit to your face. The mask controls come in four modes: constant light, slow flash, quick flash, and off.
4.Power box, put it in your pocket or hang it on your clothes. Two AA batteries are required (not included in the supply range).
5.Eye mask made of plastic, decent, shiny. It's practically party ready.

Package include:
1xController(Not included batteries)