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Hamster Small Pet Harness Rabbit Bowtie Striped Star Harness Vest Leash Traction Rope baby ferrets pet rats Bowknot Chest Strap

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$1.32 USD
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$1.88 USD
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$1.32 USD
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Product Name: Hamster Small Pet Harness
Fit For: Guinea Pig, Ferret, Hamster, Rabbit, Squirrel, Rats, And Other Small Animals
Material: Denim Fabric
XS: Neck Circumference 9-11cm, Chest Circumference 11-13cm
S: Neck Circumference 11-13cm,Chest Circumference 14-17cm
M: Neck Circumference 12-15cm,Chest Circumference 17-20cm
Packing: Opp Bag
List: Hamster Small Pet Harness x 1