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Hot KingSpec M.2 NVME ssd M2 1TB PCIe NVME SSD 128GB 512GB 256gb 2TB Solid State Drive 2280 Internal Hard Disk hdd for Desktop

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$15.39 USD
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$21.99 USD
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$15.39 USD
SSD Capacity
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Note: Using an external adapter may cause unrecognition or the speed cannot reach the specified situation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use an external adapter to connect to the SSD. Buyers who use an external adapter should purchase with caution. Therefore, the unusable problem caused by the external adapter is not a problem of the SSD product itself.


Interface : PCIe NVME Gen 3.0 x 4 Lanes (M-Key)

Form Factor: M.2 2280 (80mm)

NAND Flash: 3D TLC

MTBF: 2,000,000 hour

Feel free to message us to make sure your laptop/desktop is compatible.

Performance :

128GB: Read (max) up to 1200MB/s / Write (max.) up to 900MB/s

256GB: Read (max) up to 1500MB/s / Write (max.) up to 1000MB/s

512GB: Read (max) up to 1700MB/s / Write (max.) up to 1200MB/s

1TB: Read (max) up to 2000MB/s / Write (max.) up to 1600MB/s

2TB: Read (max) up to 2400MB/s / Write (max.) up to 1700MB/s

Package include:

1 X M.2 NVMe ssd

1 X Package box

Special note 1:available capacity ≠ identification capacity

The factory capacity of storage products is usually calculated according to 1MB=1000KB, 1GB=1000MB, and computer operating systems use binary algorithms, that is, 1MB=1024KB, 1GB=1024MB, so the usable capacity of storage products is about 90% of the identified capacity,normal phenomenon

(8G≈7.3G, 16G≈14.5G, 32G≈28.6G, 64≈58G, 128G≈118G, 256G≈230.4G, 512G≈476G, 1TB≈930G, 2TB≈1870G)

Special note 2:For Win 10 OS install, NVMe SSD can directly use, if for Win 7, need download Drive(Please download in Google or contact us)

Special note 3:Before order our SSD, please make sure motherboard must support and work in PCIe Gen 3.0 x 4 mode; if the motherboard does not support PCIe 3.0 and above, or the motherboard works in PCIe Gen 3.0 x 2 mode, the optimal speed cannot be achieved.

Notebooks with too old production years may not reach the specified speed. Notebooks with a relatively new production year and supporting PCIE3.0X4 are required to better reach the specified speed.You can use the CrystalDiskInfo software to test whether your motherboard meets PCIE3.0X4

Special note 4:Before you use it please right click "My computer-Management-Device manager-disc drive" and can find our SSD. Please do the format and partition.

Thinkpad X1, Thinkpad E480,Thinkpad S5,Lenovo Y520, Lenovo Legion Y920, Lenovo yoga 520,Lenovo yoga 720, Lenovo yoga 900,Lenovo 330S-15IKB,Lenovo E580, Lenovo E580 Intel 8250, Lenovo Legion R720,Lenovo ideapad 710S,Lenovo I5ISK, Thinkpad P50,Thinkpad P51
12.5Inch、Xiaomi pro gtx、15.6Inch
FX53V、FX60V、ROG S5VT、ROG GL502、ASUS Z97-A、PRIME B350M-A : ASUS h370i nini-itx : ASUS B250M-K
Acer Travelmate P449-G2-M-513D、 Acer F5-573G、Acer Aspire 5 a515 51G notebook、Acer Nitro 5、Acer Aspire E17 E5-774G-70S9、Acer predator Helio 30 、VX5-591G 、 VN7-592G 、XPS139550 / 9360 、XPS15 9550 / 9560
I7 R3 R4 15RS
HP 290-p010scn、HP 18E7、HP 450 G5
Dell OptiPlex 3050、Inspiron 15PR-6648B、 Dell Alienware 15 R2、Inspiron 15P、 Dell G3 15 3579、ASROCK A320M Pro4、Aours X470 Ultra Gaming 、Huanan x79 deluxe v 6.0
MACHENIKE F57D2R、Haier x3p
MSI gp62 7rfx 844cn、MSI GS65、MSI ge62 6qd 060xcn、GIGABYTE GA-AB350 、MSI B250M Gaming、MSI Z370 Tomahawk、MSI X470 Game 、MSI Gl-72m 7RDX、 GIGABYTE GA-B75-D3V 、Z170X Gaming 7、MSI Games 3 percent i7、MSI GL63
ASRock B365M Phantom Gaming 4


1.Why the capacity displayed from PC is smaller than original capacity?

Actual usable space may be less than the total storage capacity listed due to Deci mal measurement used to represent usable capacity of the SSD.

Actual capacity calculation: Total storage x 0.93 Factory default setting :1GB=1000MB=1000000KB=1000000000B Computer system setting:1GB=1024MB=1048576KB=1073741824B Example: 360GB SSD

Factory capacity: 360x1000x1000x1000=360000000000B Transfer to PC displayed actual capacity: 360000000000B/1024/1024/1024=335G Fast calculation: 360Gx0.93=335G

2.How to format SSD and achieve 4K alignment?

Win7 or higher version OS is recommended due to 'Disk Management Formatting" function is built in the systems. We recommend NTDS disk partition format and D ISKGENIUS tool to make drive partition.

PS: Please make sure your PC system runs under AHCI mode.Otherwise,SSD write /read speed performance and response time witl be affected. Use as SSD Benchm ark to check if SSD has complied with 4K Alignment and already been under AHCI model.

3. Why can't we find SSD hard disk and read/write data?

The newly bought SSD generally need to be formatted in Disk Management befor e using.lt is recommended to format in the windows operating system and use NT FS format.

4.About the compatibility problem?

This series of SSD use NVMe drivers, PCIe channels. Older computers may do not support this SSD, and computer devices with Windows 7 and PE systems will not recognize the products. Therefore, we recommend that you install the original Windows 10 system (please contact customer service for more information).

5. Is there any after-sale guarantee? where should we send ssd to repair?

We provide 7 days no reason to return warranty, it can be returned without affecting sec-

ondsale. We will bear the cost for quality problem, buyer should pay delivery fee for non-qu-

ality problem.

Our store provide three -year warranty. If you product requires after-sales service, please con

tact online customer service to get online solution at first, if it can not solve your problem, we

can do Return Repair with freight AA.