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Kingston SSD A400 SATA III 2.5 Inch Internal Solid State Drive 120GB 240 480 960 GB Disco SSD Hard Drive Internal for PC Laptop

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$19.32 USD
SSD Capacity
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Kingston SSD A400 SATA III 2.5 Inch

Form factor :2.5"
Interface:SATA Rev.3.0(6Gb/s)
Storage temperature:-40degree-85 degree
Operating temperature:0 degree -70 degree
Life expectancy:1 million hours MTBF
Warranty/support :3-year warranty with free technical support

Data Transfer(ATTO):
120GB-up to 500MB/s Read and 320MB/s Write
240GB-up to 500MB/s Read and 350MB/s Write
480GB-up to 500MB/s Read and 450MB/s Write
Totally Bytes Written(TBW):

About real capacity
120GB   = approximately 108GB-114GB
240GB   = approximately 216GB-228GB
480GB   = approximately 432GB-456GB
960GB   = approximately 864GB-912GB

It is calculation difference between manufacturer and your PC. Your PC says 1GB = 1.073741824 Billion bytes where Market Defines 1 GB = 1.00 Billion bytes. Please Google “ssd real capacity” to get more information.The person pursuit of perfect is not recommended to buy.

10x faster than a HDD
Its incredible read/write speeds will not only increase performance but also breathe life into existing systems.

Marvell controller
A400 is powered by a four-channel Marvell controller that delivers impressive speeds with both compressible and incompressible data. It has a processor optimised for performance and endurance.

A400 is shock and vibration-resistant for rugged reliability in notebooks and other mobile computing devices.

Speed-data feedback via CrystalDiskMark 5.5.0 x64

After Sales

1. Capacity
Difference of Factory design and Electronic products to lead a capacity difference, available capacity will be about 90% -93%.

2. Speed
SATA 3 compatible with SATA 2 and SATA 1, but SATA 2 and SATA 1 speed will be lower ,specific speed is subject to computer performance,such as interface, perferface ,verion , model ,file etc .

3. Appearance of Products
Pictures is for reference only, subject to our available products.

4. Package Broken
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5. Package
We guarantee the products are 100% original, but manufacturer have right to amend it,so appearance and packaging design may change without prior notice, at the same time we also will not undertake any responsibility.

6. Russian Buyer
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7. Return and Refund
After receiving the parcel in 7 days, we can accept to return back and refund without any reason; More than 7 days, we supply warranty to repair or a replacement.