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Marvel1:1 Tony Stark Iron Man Heart Arc Reactor USB LED Light Arc Action Model MK1/MK2 DIY Parts Model Toys Chest Lamp Gift

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$32.12 USD
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Model: 1:1 Iron Man Arc Reactor MK1/MK2 Model
This product 1:1 restore the movie in the Arc reactor MK2 shape, if you are an Ironman fan, this will be a good collection. Whether it's for friends or family, it will be a good gift. Your satisfaction is our greatest satisfaction, in order to prevent the goods from being damaged during transportation, we have added a lot of cushioning materials in the package to ensure that you can receive a perfect gift.


Arc Reactor size:8.3cm
Power connector:USB
SIZE:Display case Size: 16*16*18 cm
LED LIGHT:The LED light is illuminated by vibration induction. 
MATERIAL:Reactor material: polymer benzene + alloy

1. I Am Iron Man!Very Cool illuminate Arc Reactor Ornament Lamp.
2. Night Light.
3. 1:1 Arc Reactor Model with Real Effect.
4. Delicate design and details makes High Quality Effect.

1 X Chassis
1 X Display box
1 X Reactor LED
1 X Bracket
1 X USB cable
1 X key chain(for Gift)




I love you 3000 ! ! Packaging content: Chassis,Display box,Reactor LED,Bracket,USB cable,1pcs key chain (Gift: 1pcs I love you 3000 Arc Reactor Keychain).NOTE:This product does not need to be assembled.

Material: reactor material: polymer benzene + alloy; support material: stainless steel; base material: ABS; display frame color: as shown

Display frame size: 15 * 15 * 19 cm (6 * 6 * 7.48 inches); reactor diameter (including bracket): about 12cm (4.72 inches); reactor height (including bracket base): about 14cm (5.51 inches) ); LED and other diameter is about 8cm (3.15 inches).

Installation steps: Put the LED light into the display rack, put the black wire on the LED light into the bracket, and connect it with the USB data cable; put the display box, the assembly is completed, and a perfect surprise presents in front of you . The new LED light is illuminated by vibration induction. The blue light turns on when you tap it. It turns into a breathing light mode twice and turns off the light three times.

If you are an IRON MAN FAN, it will be a good collection.Whether it's for friends . it will be a great gift.Your satisfaction is our greatest gratification, our products 100% quality assurance. If there is any damage in the course of transportati, if you have any questions about the products purchased, please contact us in time, we will try our best to help you solve the problem.