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N64 Gamepad Classic Game Controller Joystick Gamepad Long Wired For Classic Nintend 64 Console Games Dropshipping

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$9.88 USD
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$14.11 USD
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$9.88 USD
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Product description

Features all buttons and joystick from the 64 controller, Red & Blue & Yellow

Multi Directional Pad

This is an aftermarket item and is not manufactured by  factory

Color: black/white/silver/blue/green/red

Note: This Item is Third Party Product.

Please directly connect the item to 64 console, not connect to any adapter



Tight and accurate design,10 function buttons

Allow connects to any N64 replica system

Perfect controller for Mario Kart, Perfect Dark, and many other classic N64 games

Compatible with 64 Console N64

Cable length: 63in (approx)

Item size: 160*150*58mm(max)

Package Included:

packing include: