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Netac SSD 120GB 240GB 480GB 1TB SSD SATA SATAIII 128GB 256GB 512GB 2TB SSD HDD 2.5 Hard Disk Internal Solid State Drive For PC

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SSD Capacity
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Capacity standard

1. Differences in algorithm difference: There is no uniform regulation on the conversion system used by the system quotient and the storage quotient. The system quotient uses the binary system for conversion, while the storage quotient uses the decimal system;
Manufacturer calculation capacity method 1GB=1000MB=1000*1000KB=1000*1000*1000B
Operating system calculation capacity method 1GB=1024MB=1024*1024KB=1024*1024*1024
For example, the actual capacity of a 16GB flash disk=16000000000/1024/1024/1024=14.9GB=16GB*93%
At present, the industry generally defaults that the actual capacity is equal to 90% of the nominal capacity as qualified products.
2. Data block reservation-reserve a part of good data blocks for backup to extend the service life.
3. System occupation-firmware and system file occupation


The SSD speed will be influenced by many factors, such as interface type, computer hardware grade, computer system, and test system.