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Newest HQ3 WiFi Projector Video Projecteur Everycom HQ2 3000 Lumi HD 1280*720P LED Home Theater Movie Beamer Proyector Portatil

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$63.59 USD
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$90.85 USD
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$63.59 USD
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Kindly Note: There are 3 versions for your choice, HQ2 ( Multimedia System Version ), HQ3 ( WiFi Version) and HQ4 Android 6.0

The Best Projection , Distance & Image, Thebest image size: 80-100 inch

Protect your eyes better than TV

Watch movies with LED projector, LED soft, protect your eyes, more healthy

Wide Application

Whoever you are, Wherever you go, Whatever you do, It accompanies you

ShareWonderful Momentwith Family

Large screen,Play games more exciting

Share happiness with friends in the wild

Pay Attention:

Dear Buyer,  Here the link we have 3 models projector for choose ( Basic Multimedia Version & WIFI Stream/Mirror Version)  please check below Specification Data Difference, and choose your need model. Thanks

Outstanding Features introduction on HQ3 wifi version:

Being unique, being smart

With its built-in operation system, this model is a simple smart projector. To access internet via WiFi or Ethernet , to play online videos, to connect smart mobile devices with AirPlay and Miracast, this projector is outstanding in the whole projection industry.

Being convenient, being comfortable

With the help of a smart WiFi technology, and convenient connection to smart devices, this projector can make your home cinema life more convenient and comfortable.

Being intelligent, being simple

This model has a simple and intelligent system.

All the necessary settings can be easily made with a few clicks. No need to download any other APP to get yourself in a mess, no need to worry about system breakdown, the most popular online video APP is on the homepage, and all the traditional sources are easy to access.

This model, is intelligent enough to be quietly simple in your life.

Pre-install  APP, Only for HQ3 WiFi Version

Pre-install Youtube, Koala TV, to play onlinevideos, Enjoy TV programes

Easy Wireless Screen Sharing!Only for HQ3 WiFi Version

Enjoy Big Screen.LED HQ3 can sync with iphone, ipad and Andriod Mobile,No need cables, just need same WIFI

To connect via Miracast and IOS Cast

Connect your devices with Miracast or IOS Cast to display on the same screen


Rich interfaces can support multi external device,  Offering you more possibilities

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