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Non-Slip Double Cat Bowl Dog Bowl With Stand Pet Feeding Cat Water Bowl For Cats Food Pet Bowls For Dogs Feeder Product Supplies

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$4.17 USD
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$4.17 USD
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Non-slip Double Cat Bowl Dog Bowl With Raised Stand Pet Supplies  Cat Water Bowl For Cat Food Bowls For Dog Feeder Pet Products

Declining design

The pet stand bowl with decaling design can provide a comfortable feeding posture for your pet, which is more health to pet's neck.  

Cute shape
The cute cat head shape bowl design is adorable and can decorate your home in interesting way.

Two-bowl design
The pet feeding station with two bowls can suffice the needs of water and food at same time.

The pet stand bowl with anti-slipping buckle can fixe the two bowls on the bracket stably, no fear of slipping.

Scope of application
The pet stand bowl is suitable for cat and small dog, which is good for the pet's health.

Type: pet stand bowl
Quantity: 1pc
Material: PC + melamine
Color: black and white / transparent
Size: 27.5*13.5*7CM/ 10.81*5.31*2.72inch(L*W*H)
Bowl diameter: 13cm/ 5.11inch
Net weight: 440g/15.52oz

1* pet stand bowl