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Original PSP refurbished PSP for Sony PSP 1000 game console 16 32GB 64GB 128GB memory card black handheld game console

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$41.83 USD
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$59.76 USD
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$41.83 USD
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This is Sony's original PSP 1000, The second-hand original machine is about 80-90% new.,Only a few UMD drives are damaged.  but this does not affect the use, you can use the memory card to play games, we will follow the package Install the game, the game with each package is different,Based on the picture

PSP system unlocked. You can download any iso or csd games from internet. You can play games free (You need to download games into PSP MS Memory Card from internet).

System languages include:Deutsch,English,Espanol,Francais,Italiano,Nederlands,Portugues,Pyccкий,Japanese,Korean,Chinese