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Pet Seesaw Hamster Golden Bear Guinea Pig Daily Necessities Non Slip Groove Design Wooden Companion Toy Juguetes Para Hamster

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$1.70 USD
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1. Material: wood.

2. Weight: 100g.

3. Specifications: length * width * height = 19*7*4 cm

4. Wooden toys with good workmanship are made of pine, fir, and natural materials, which are safe and non-toxic and side effects. Multi-groove non-slip treatment design on the board surface.

5. Suitable for small hamsters, guinea pigs and other small pets.

Q: What material is this pet product made of?

A: The material is fabric, which is safe, non-toxic and harmless.

Q: What pet is suitable?

A: Suitable for small pets such as small hamsters and guinea pigs.

Q: Where is it produced?

A: Made in China.