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Portable Handheld Game Player 3.0 Inch Mini Retro Video Handheld Game Console Built-in 400 Classic Games Two Player Gamepad

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$8.09 USD
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$11.56 USD
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$8.09 USD
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Retro Portable Game Player Video Game Console Support TV Connection 400 Classic Games Two Player Gamepad Gifts for Kids

This game console built-in 400 classic games 313 of them are different, others are repeated. Includes sports, adventure and puzzle games as well as thinking and learning games involving memory, math, and logic.It will always have something new to amuse while you little love are at home or on the go.

Support TV Connection

Digital multi-platform device, you can play on TV which has AV OUT interfaces for a better gaming experience. 80cm AV cable is included in the package.

Support 2 Playesr Mode (Requires Gamepad)

You can play with your partner by connecting gamepad. One can play with the handheld console, the other one can play by using the gamepad, completely relax and experience. team work.

Protocol of using the gamepad correctly

1, Conntect the gamepad.
2, Select the game in the console ,and choose the 2 game player mode by press the "select" button of the gamepad.
3, If the game support 2 role meanwhile, you can use the game console and gamepad to control it together
4, If the game only support 1 role in one round, you need to use the game console itself to control the first role , and after that use the gamepad to control the second role ,that will be okay