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Procesador Intel Core i7-4770S es i7 4770S es i7 4770S es QDE8 2,6 GHz, cuatro núcleos, ocho hilos, 8M, 65W, LGA 1150

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$45.49 USD
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$64.99 USD
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$45.49 USD
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Fourth-generation I7 4770s es version 2.6g Fourth-generation I7 4770s es version 2.6g 1150-pin QDE8 code QDe8 eh ej e5 QD7W, quad-core and eight-thread clocked at 2.6g turbo frequency 3.0g dual channel 22nm power consumption 80w set display

Support ASUS Gigabyte Colorful Onda and other motherboards h81, b81, and z87.

It does not support brand-name motherboards such as ASRock MSI h97 z97 and other motherboards.