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Professional Pet Nail Clipper with LED Light can illuminate the bleeding line Pet Claw Scissors Avoid Over Cutting for Dogs Cats

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$4.03 USD
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$5.76 USD
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$4.03 USD
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Bright LED Light:

The built-in ultra-bright LED light clearly illuminates the pet's nail bloodline, shows you exactly where to make cut to avoid damaging trimming.

The half-moon design

The half-moon design is more suitable for the shape of pet nails such as dogs, cats and even rabbits.This innovative design can greatly reduce the risk of bleeding due to excessive trimming. You can overcome your fear of trimming nails with our comfortable nail clippers.

One-step Cut

The pet nail clippers are made out of high quality stainless steel sharp blades, powerful enough to clip your pets nails with just one-step cut, quickly and cleanly.

Dual-speed adjustment design

Built-in high-brightness LED light, dual-speed adjustment design, click to turn on the first gear, light up the blood line, double-click to turn on the second gear, and check the ear canal

User Friendly Design:

Cats & Dogs nail trimmer is designed to keep you comfortable while grooming your pet, waterproof and durable, with a comfortable ABS handle, which is very suitable for small and large hands.
Unlock protection prevent children from using it

CR2032 battery

one battery can be used for one year according to the normal frequency of nail cutting