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PUBG Mobile Joystick Controller Turnover Button Gamepad for PUBG iOS Android Six 6 Finger Operating Gamepad With Cooling Fan

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$7.52 USD
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$10.74 USD
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$7.52 USD
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New six-finger Game controller


Left hand presses movement, right hand Left shot lens It is recommended to use 4.6-6.5 inches mobile phone Presses blow, feel better, more flexible operation Supported devices: Most touch screen devices version, for iPhone users , it is recommended that they only order 1 pair. Not limited to mobile phones and thick. Supported games, but not limited to: Survivor rules Royale Knife PUBG Mobile Knife Important actions.


Technical Specifications: Light and portable Elastic and adjustable Mobile phone maximum size is 5.9 inches



Material: Environmentally friendly ABS+ metal

Product size: about 160*119*42MM/6.30*4.69*1.65in

Product weight: about 140g

Package Included:

1X Gamepad