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Royal Kludge RK84/RK857 Tri-Mode Mechanical Gamer Keyboard Portable Wireless RGB Backlit BT5.0/2.4G/Wired Hot-Swappable

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$50.39 USD
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$71.99 USD
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$50.39 USD
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Type: Mechanical keyboard

Brand Name:Royal Kludge
Model: RK84
Key number: 84
Connection method: 5.1 Bluetooth+2.4G wireless+Type-C Wired
Supported system: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/Win7/8/10
Item size: 316mm*126m m*41 mm


1, That is THREE MODES- Bluetooth 5.1/2.4G wireless/wired connection Tpye-C

2, 84 Keys, Redefine TKL

3,Hub Design & 3750mAh Big Mac-charging time is about 8 hours, can last for 30 days

4, DIY Software Supports: DIY keybinding shortcuts, adjust brilliant backlight modes, reassign various key functions, software download: bit.ly/RK84_DRIVER_1

5, 2 USB + 1 Type C - Hub Design

6, 2 Magnetic Detachable Pad Foot As Gifts

7,Diverse RGB Backlit/white backlight

8, Customized mechanical keyboard, full-key hot-swappable cherry switch

9, Multi-device switching, support win/mac system switching, FN+A switching is applicable to WIN system, FN+S switching is applicable to MAC system

10, Doubleshot keycaps

11, 84 keys all keys without conflict

12, Detachable upper cover, removable/replaceable, easy to take care of

13, Rubber non-slip foot pad + magnetic receiver storage box