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Soft Dog Bath Towel Synthetic Deerskin Strong Absorbing Water Drying Towel Pet Dog Bath Hair Dry Towel Easy Cleaning Wipes

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$6.45 USD
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Super Absorbing Water Dog Bath Towel


1. This dog towel is made of synthetic deerskin and has super water absorption, which can keep your dog dry quickly after taking a shower.
2. When using this towel to soak in water for 30 seconds, preferably cold water, waiting for re-use after softening. The towel after removal of water will harden, is a normal phenomenon, it does not affect use.
3. Please put it in a ventilated place when not in use. If it needs continuous use, it can be kept soft when put into this barrel.


Material: synthetic deerskin
Color: Blue, Bright green, Bright yellow, Pink
Size: 65*44*0.3cm(B
Random color: 43*32*0.2cm(
OPP Bag)
Applicable objects:  Cats and dogs ​
Uses: Bathing, massage, combing hair
Package included: 1 x  Dog towel