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Upgraded Version Remote Control Construction Crane 6CH 128CM 680 Rotation Lift Model 2.4G RC Tower Crane Toy For Kids

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$23.55 USD
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Product Name

Upgraded Version Remote Control Construction Crane 6CH 128CM 680 Rotation Lift Model 2.4G RC Tower Crane Toy For Kids


Type: RC Tower Crane

Material:Plastic and electronic components

Product size:92*43*128cm (36.2*17.*50.4inch)

Control Channels: 6 Channel

Charging Time: 3 - 4 hours

Playing Time: 30-50 minutes


1.Multi Functions

The workbench can Clockwise / Counterclockwise rotate 680°.

The lifting hook is controlled by remote control, the hook can move backward and forward, goes up and down.

The design of fishing line can makes the tower arm bear about 550g, and the bucket can hold the sand 150g.

Attractive tower lights and realistic sound are just like a real crane you see on a construction site.

2.Adjustable Heights

Three-stage detachable brackets can be assembled to three different heights, it is 73cm, 1m and 128cm.

Do-it-yourself assembly can promote communications and feelings with your kids and can also exercise children's hands-on ability.

How to Remove the Coil

Open the hook cover;

Remove the coil and then unload the whole wire, then make it smooth;

The coil square hole is returned to the position and the cover is buttoned.(please note that the line should not be pressed under the coil)

Package Lists

1 * RC Tower Crane Main Body(Include the 1 * 4.8V 300 mAh Battery)

1 * Remote Controller( Not include the 2* 1.5V AA battery)

3 * Detachable Bracket

1 * Base Mount

1 * USB Charging Cable

1 * 4.8V 300 mAh Battery

1 * Simulation Wood

1 * Bucket