Eastne HONGHUI Trade

  • Eastne HONGHUI Trade Company is a large multinational trading company located in Shandong, China. It is wholly-owned by Weihai HONGHUI Media Culture Co., Ltd.

  • We have a number of factories and supply chains, and have reached in-depth cooperation with 1,200 factories and supply chains in Shenzhen, Yiwu, Guangdong and other places in China, covering all categories of clothing, department stores, electrical appliances, medical supplies, automotive supplies, large machinery, etc. product. High quality and low price.
  • We have our own global logistics route system channel, which is stable, efficient, and low in price.

  • There is a large number of stable cross-border trade cooperation with more than 30 countries around the world, covering everything from wholesale to online order instead of delivery, providing product supply for factories and companies and network experts all over the world.

  • Companies from all countries are welcome to come to consult.