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12mm Climbing Rope Outdoor Tree Rock Equipment Mountaineering Lifeline Emergency Survival Safety Gear Escape Rescue Static Rope

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Meterials: High Strength Polyester Color: Blue, Red, Black, Orange,Yellow Diameter: 12mm Length: 10 meters(32.8ft), 20 meters(65.6ft); 30 meters(98.4ft), 40 meters(131.2ft) Use: Mountaineering,Rock climbing, Rescue, High-altitude work,Engineering protection,exploration, relief work.


Made of high strength polyester yarn, strong, durable and wear-resistant. The core of the rope is made of Polypropylene,which is easy to carry. High-end machine sewing, tightly woven, thick knit. High tensile strength, low coefficient of friction. There have protective case at the end of the sewing button,which can protect the rope from cracking.

Package Included:

1 x Climbing Rope

Cautions when using the rope:

1.Check the rope to see if it is knotted or scarred before using it 2.Don't dirty or stomp the rope; because this may cause the rope become fragile when using. So please erase the dirt after using it 3.Don't wet the rope--the wet rope may become weighty and slip,which is hard to use 4.Learn the rope' safety weight- bearing 5.Avoid the rope get touch with sharp stuff- if you have to ,please cover the towel to protect the rope 6.Don't lend the rope to others: It is dangerous to use the rope which has crack, and you don't know it. 7.Don't make the rope close to high temperature source

This rope can't be used anymore:

1.the scarred and rubbed rope should be replaced. 2.The two years old rope should be replaced,. 3.the rope was ever used to save people who suddenly failing when climbing should be replaced.

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