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Pet bowl Double Cat Bowl Dog Bowl With Raised Stand Pet Supplies Cat Water Bowl For Cat Food Bowls For Dog Feeder Pet Products

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$5.80 USD
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$45.00 USD
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$5.80 USD
Name: Dog bowls; Cat bowls; Dual purpose pet bowl
Material: Environmental protection PP
Applicable: Pet cat/dog
1. A dual-use bowl is easy to use
2. 15°C slant design can protect pets Cervical spine
3. Separate design cleaning is simpler
4. Large capacity
M: Lenght 27cm/10.6in; Width 16.5cm/6.5in; Height 25cm/10in
L: Lenght 31cm/12.3in; Width 19cm/7.6in; Height 26cm/10.3in
The drinking water bottle is made of PET, which is not resistant to high temperature and cannot be washed with hot water, so as to avoid deformation affecting the use.