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Pet Dog Cat Pit Scoop Portable Outdoor Cleaner Garbage Picker Poop Bag Collection Convenient Dog Supplies Animal Cleaning Tool

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Provides the convenience for the director to clean up the dog's feces, and can easily grab the pet's feces completely. If there is no trash can around, the feces can be temporarily stored in the box without leaking or taste


Weight: 400g

Name: Pet toilet

Product material: plastic

Size: about 27 * 913* 7.5cm

Applicable types: all kinds of dogs

Product Type: Poop / Clean Pet Stool

Product color: blue, yellow, black,yellow


1.Lightweight and convenient

2.Stay away from odor

3.No contact with bacteria

Pet dogs and cats, potty spoons, portable, outdoor cleaners, garbage pickers, feces bags, easy to collect, dog supplies, animals, cleaning tools