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2021 New V3 Pro Rc Mini Drone 4k Profesional HD Dual Camera Fpv Drones With Camera Hd 4k Rc Helicopters Quadcopter Toys

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Name: V3 pro three-sided infrared obstacle avoidance drone

Product specifications (cm): folded: 12*8*5cm/ expanded: 27*18*5cm

Remote control frequency/number of channels: 2.4G/4 channels

Main materials: plastic, metal, electronic components

Adjust the camera: manually adjust 90 degrees

Product color: black

Single product weight (including storage bag): 320g

Remote control mode: left hand throttle

Storage bag specifications (length * width * height): 17*16*4.5cm

Product (aircraft) battery parameters: 3.7V 1800mAh modular battery

Remote control battery parameters: AAA*4-1.5V alkaline battery (self-provided)

Charging method: usb line charging

Charging time: about 70 minutes

Flight time: about 15 minutes

Remote control distance: about 100 meters

Remote control mobile phone holder size (support the largest mobile phone size): 5.5 inches

Flight environment: indoor/outdoor


At a distance of 1 meter from the obstacle, the drone will use the infrared light it carries to avoid the obstacle. This can prevent the drone from failing to control the flight in time and avoid obstacles in flight.

-The arms can be folded, the structure is compact, and it is easy to carry.

-Connectable APP with WIFI function, you can take photos/videos and transmit images in real time through the phone camera. You can get the most realistic image to show us. The visual effect is great

-Built-in return to home (RTH) function to ensure safer flight. When the battery is low or the signal is weak, the drone will automatically and accurately return home, so there is no need to worry about losing the drone.

-Height hold mode. By setting the external air pressure, the quadcopter can hover stably in the air, making shooting easier.

-Gesture photos/videos. You will record your beauty through gestures, break the old way of taking pictures, and discover new things (within 3m)

-The maximum flight time is 15 minutes. The large-capacity 3.7V 1800mAH smart battery can produce up to 15 minutes of flight time.

-Follow me. No matter where you go, the drone will automatically track and capture you. Take photos at any time, easily get complex photos, and provide hands-free flight and Selfie functions.

-Waypoint flight mode. Open the drone app, tap your fingertips to use the flight plan, just draw a route on the screen, and the helicopter will automatically follow the given path.

-Spot surround sound. Choose a point and the drone will fly around that point.

-Six-axis gyroscope, the flight is more stable and easier to control.

-The fuselage of the quadcopter is made of high-strength engineering plastics, which is light in weight and durable.


Three-sided infrared obstacle avoidance, fixed height function, foldable aircraft, gyro six-way; one-key take-off, one-key landing, ascent and descend, forward and backward, left and right side flying, steering, headless mode (with camera can add functions: gesture shooting , Video, headless mode, emergency stop, trajectory flight, gravity sensor, music, 50x zoom, automatic camera)

Package Included:


Camera *1

Body battery*1

Spare blade*1 set (4 pieces)

Protective frame*1 set (4 pcs)

USB cable*1