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Car Headrest Pillow car gadgets sleeping headrest coussin Support Solution car accessories interior For Children and adult

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$13.44 USD
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$19.20 USD
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$13.44 USD
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Car Seat Headrest Pillow Travel Rest sleeping headrest Support Solution car accessories interior u shaped pillow car For Kids


*1. Multi-angle adjustment for people of different ages.
*2. Ergonomic design, fit the face to reduce collision.
*3. Protect the spine and reduce the damage to the human body caused by shaking in the driving.
*4. Buffer double insurance, more comfortable to sleep on car.
*5. Retractable and free adjustment, saving space inside the car.

*1. Material: leather+memory foam
*2. Size: 36×22×13 cm
*3. Weight: 900 g
*4. Compatibility: detachable headrest
*5.Packing List:
seat side pillow *1
rubber sleeves *3 pairs