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New Rgb/Neo Pixel Lightsaber Jedi Knight Two In One Laser Sword Weapon Metal Hilt with Pc Blade Saber Led Toy for Children Gift

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$66.30 USD
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$94.71 USD
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$66.30 USD
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When you buy more than 2, system5% discount
When you buy more than 2, We'll give you an extra 8.96usd connector as a gift.
The connector can connect two lightsabers together. It's very cool.


qinghuang RGB/Neopixel lightsaber(Yanqing douhuang series)

Size Blade/Hilt/ Full

78/25/103cm(Blade diameter1 inch)

Battery capacit


Charging mode

USB fast charging

Charging voltage

3200mAh(Continue to sail 45-60min)

Release power

12w(super bright)


Aluminium alloy/Removable PC(High-intensity duel)


RGB 19 color/Neopixel Infinite discoloration+10 Set Sound Effect

Light effect Function

RGB color change 19 kinds of high-quality light colors + infinite color change + high-quality
mid-to-high-end chip + professional mode + entertainment mode (dual-core system).RGB
color change lighting 19 high-quality light colors + infinite color change: A lightsaber has 19
light colors, namely red, orange, yellow, green, cyan, blue, purple, cool white, sky blue,
ice blue,pink light... ...In addition, thousands of light colors can be adjusted.

Neopixel chips: basic pixels.
Pixel color-changing light bar, sensor spelling, multiple sets of sound effects, multiple
light effects: retractable, classic, flame, rainbow, breathing...

Sound effect(10 sound)

Switch soundeffect/standby(background) soundeffect/Wield a sword Effect/fighting
sound effect/percussion sound effect/toggle sound effect/low power sound effect
/charging sound effect(high/medium/low volumeadjustment/mute function).

Package includes

Handle*1, blade*1, battery*1, charger (cable)*1, tool bag*1, winding belt*1Handle*1, blade*1, battery*1, charger (cable)*1, tool bag*1, winding belt*1

Not 1

1.Please do not open or take down the hilt of lightsaber.
2.Please Charging the saber at least one time of each month.2.Please Charging the saber at least one time of each month.
3.The blade can withstand continuous impact, but do not use it violently.
4.When children are present, please pay attention to the brightness to protect their vision

5.Warm reminder: In actual combat, choose the lighting model, which is durable, and low
  maintenance and repair costs; to play with the light effect, choose the pixel blade model,
  the accessories are precise, and the later maintenance and repair costs are high.

Not 2

Your order is shipped in two packages.Please pay attention to it.Usually you will receive
the handle first,because the blade The size of is too long, so it takes more than a week
to transport.Please understand.If you have Any questions,please contact us.

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