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Tactical Red Dot Laser Bore Sighter Laser Scope .22 Caliber Rifle New Style Battery Collimator

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$13.72 USD
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Why our product's price is higher than others?

Because the precision of our boresighters unlike those offered by others, as well as the accuracy of cartridge dimensions identical to real bullet.
We know many hunters here in the world who have ordered or had the opportunity to use those cheaper boresighters and because of that they no longer believe that the sight on the rifle can be adjusted with the help of boresighters.
The cheap boresighters is just an imitation. The dimensions of the cartridge case are very often inaccurate, which means that they cannot be put in the rifle or get stuck in it.
In these ones, the laser diode is only pushed from the back into the metal sleeve of cartridge and the laser beam is not set at all to have a straight path. Because there are have no way to adjusted the laser diode.
Main advantage of all of our products is that they are real accurate boresighters that can be found on Aliexpress, but people just do not know that. So they will buy the cheap and useless boresighters from Aliexpress.

Tactical Red Dot Laser Bore Sighter Laser Scope .22 Caliber Rifle New Style Battery Collimator
(This item not fit many .22 Cal, please check the list get the answer before shopping)
1. .22 RedLaser Bore Sight Introduction:
The caliber .22 is a red laser Bore Sight for rifles.
The maximum laser output power is 5.0mW at 650nm with high quality brass and gold-plated material.
2. Bore Sight Applications:
a. Gun calibration
b. Simulation of ballistic
3. Caliber Laser Bore Sight Features:
a. High brightness & good looking housing: brass with gold-plated.
b. High precision: off axis angle is 0.1mrad.
c. Less power consumption: 4.5VDC low operating voltage.
d. Long life: > 8000 Hrs.
e. More efficiency.
f. Compact and lightweight.
g. Series product.
4. .22 Red Laser Bore Sight Specifications:
Laser Wavelength: 650nm
Type: Visible Red Laser
Power: 3.2mW
Battery: use 2 x LR41, Not included
Offaxis Angle: 0.1mrad
Range for Sighting: 5-100 yards
Dot Size: 1 inches at 25 yards
Construction: Brass, gold-plated
Temperature: -10 to +50°
Life Span: >8,000hrs
5. In the box:
1 x .22 Bore Sight         1 x Rubber Pad