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5Pcs Air Filter For GX100 GX110 GX120 GX140 GX160 GX200 5hp 5.5hp 6.5hp 168F 2893881 5247408 7372444 7370968 212CC 17210-ZE1-505

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$8.18 USD
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100% brand new and high-quality air filter.
Size: 3.9” Length × 2.8” Width × 3.9” Height / 9.8cm x 7.1cm x 2.7cm.
Replacement for Honda GX100 GX110 GX120 GX140 GX160 GX200 GX240 5hp 5.5hp 6.5hp 168F engines.
Tested in dust conditions, meet OEM standards, foam pre filter and air filter just like two doors against dust, protecting engine.
Package includes: 5 x air filters.

Replace part number:
For Honda 2893881 5247408 7372444 7370968 engine.
For Honda 17210-ZE1-505, 17210-ZE1-507, 17210-ZE1-517, 17210-ZE1-820, 17210-ZE1-821, 17210-ZE1-822.
For Stens: 100-784.
For Oregon: 30-404.
For Rotary: 19-6690.
For Napa 7-02262.
For Lesco 050625.
For Wacker 217458.
For Raven 212CC.

Replacement for Honda specific engine air filter:
GX120K1 GX120RT2 GX120U1 GX120UT1
GX160K1 GX160T1 GX160U1 GX160UT1 GX160UT2
GX200 GX200RT2 GX200U GX200UT GX200UT2

Wide Application:
Replacement for Honda GX200 pressure washer.
NO. EG2200X EG2500XK1 EZ2500 generator.
Part # F501 F501K1 F501K2 FC600 FC600K1 FR600 FR650 FR750 tillers.
Model # WMP20X WMP20X1 WT20XK2 WT20XK3 WT20XK4 water pumps original air filter.