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Baby non-slip shoes Newborn Baby Girl Cotton Non-slip Floor Socks Baby Boy Rubber Sole Cartoon Indoor Socks Infant Shoes

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1. Anti-collision toe cap design. On the one hand, the raised toe cap protects the baby's toes, making it easier for the baby to wear, and on the other hand, it protects the baby's unformed arch and protects development.

2. The heel of the shoe is reinforced, and the heel of the shoe is heightened as a whole to prevent the baby from falling off the heel when wearing shoes.

3. The upper is made of high-quality cotton, which is not easy to pilling, wear-resistant, not stuffy, and has good air permeability.

4. The sole is made of high-quality TPR soft rubber material, which is safe and non-slip, and has good flexibility. Don't worry about the baby falling down easily when walking.


Material: Cotton

Style: golden lion/green deer/blue panda/pink owl

Size: 18-19 size/20-21 size/22-23 size/24-25 size/26-27 size (when you don't know how to choose, please refer to our size standard to buy shoes)

Packing list:

1*Short-tube soft-soled shoes


1. When choosing shoes, please choose shoes according to the measured length of the baby's feet. It is recommended to buy shoes that are about 0.5cm longer than the feet to ensure that the length of the shoes will not squeeze the feet.

2. Selection of shoes standard: foot length +0.5cm

3. All dimensions are manually measured, there may be an error of 1-3cm, please refer to the actual product.