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Mini Bluetooth-compatible VR Controller PC Gamepad VR PC Joystick Remote Gamepad Game Handle For Android Phone

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Mini Bluetooth VR Controller PC Gamepad VR PC Joystick Remote Gamepad Game Handle For Android Phone For VR PC Controller


Colour: Black
Material: Plastic Shell
Bluetooth-compatible version: 3.0
Bluetooth-compatible distance: 10 meters
Battery: built-in 180mAh lithium battery (included)
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Charging time: 2 hours
Use time: 20-40 hours
Applicable products: mobile phone, tablet, PC computer
Product Size: 73mmx31mmx13mm
Net weight: 22g

NOTE:Does not support IOS13.4 and above

This product has three modes that can be adjusted arbitrarily according to your own needs.

Mode 1: For Android mode: mouse/Selfie/game function, the blue light is on when it is turned on.

Mode 2: For Android mode: music/Selfie/game function, the red light is on when it is turned on.

Mode 3: For ISO mode: Selfie/music function, red light is on when it is turned on.

How to Operate
1.Power ON: Press START button until LED is on(about 2 seconds)
2.Power OFF: Press START button until LED is off(about 5 seconds).
3.Pair and connect: after power on , LED indicator will flash, the device will enter into the Bluetooth-compatible pair mode automatically to find the address and name of this device(SKB032Axx-xxx), click then can connect. Pair and connect successfully, LED indicator will turn off.
4.Game function: Turn side switch to Game side(there is "GAME" on back), now device is operated by-hands horizontal.
Package List:
1x VR Remote Controller Handle Bluetooth-compatible Handheld
1x English instructions