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First Aid Bandage Wound Hemostatic Compression Emergency Tourniquet Army Survival kit Training Bandage Outdoor Safety Equipment

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Product Name: Hemostatic Bandage, First Aid Tool
Color:Green Stripe
Size: 4 Inch,10cm*200cm    6 Inch,15cm*200cm

1.Small and portable, high elasticity, stretchable to 4 meters.
2.Blister aseptic vacuum packaging, disposable sealed bag, safe and reliable.
3.Simple and fast: There is no problem even with one-handed operation.
4.The natural length is 2 meters, and the stretched length is 4 meters. The high elasticity can also be used as rings and brackets.
5.It can bandage wounds and bracket limbs to stop bleeding and prevent re-infection.

Package Includes:1Pcs Medical Bandage

Please allow 1-5cm due to manual measurement.
Due to different monitor, the color(s) may have difference contrast to the picture displayed.